Isolated F/V, F/I Converter
Configurable by Dip-Switch or PC,
Transistor or Relay Outputs

DAT 4540

Frequency Converter Trip Amplifier DAT4540T


  • Measure of the frequency for the following digital.
    contacts input:
    Namur, TTL, NPN, PNP, Tachometer , Volt
  • Configurable output as current or voltage
  • Double optional trip alarm
  • Fault alarm condition for Namur sensor
  • Configurable by Dip-switch or PC
  • High accuracy
  • On-field reconfigurable
  • Galvanic insulation among all ways
  • EMC compliant – CE mark
  • Suitable for DIN rail mounting in according to EN-50022 and EN-50035 standards

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