Production Management Solutions

Weigh Dispense

Incomplete information and the lack of ability to visualize the effectiveness of the overall system pose significant challenges for making sound investment decisions.




To increase production efficiency, improve product consistency and reduce waste, you need to integrate weigh and dispense processes with the rest of your manufacturing enterprise. Incorporating an electronic-based weigh and dispense system will allow you to track problems, determine root causes, and meet mandated reporting and tracking requirements.

Production Reports

Extreme production management solutions are aimed at improving visibility across the entire value chain by transforming islands of process and business data into a valuable knowledge base. This enables all the stakeholders to make better informed decisions in a collaborative way in order to achieve operational goals.



Major Activities of this Business Units are . . .

Our technical expertise and domain experts can bolster your Projects from concept to Commissioning. The major activities of this Business Unit are…


Gathering Data from different Sources

Product Weigh Dispense

Barcode identification

Calculate Downtime and number of Stops

Data acquisition into Database

Reports Development as per client format